Caller's Help

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Welcome to Caller's Help

This is the home of Caller's Help, a program to support Square Dance Callers, Cuers and Instructors   ( )

New version under Downloads available (absolutly free of charge!)


Caller’s Help offers the following options:

- Play songs
- Play in loop
- Start/Stop/Pause
- Play at faster speed
- Play at slower speed
- Free choice of songs
- Playlist
- Free assignment of lyrics
- Free assignment of modules
- Free assignment of gimmicks
- Management of any number of songs
- Input of lyrics/modules/gimmicks with a simple build-in-text editor in RTF format (Rich Text Format)
- Change of language (German and English)
- Use of the remote-button of the Hilton-Microphone Cable
- Offline-Help (PDF)
- For the moment only available for Windows (32-Bit)
- No connection to the internet necessary, therefor no ads ...
- Completely offline usable, even from a memory-stick
- No installation in Windows, no entries into the registry
- Simply unzip and start
- Delete the application and done ...