Caller's Help



Deutsch: callershelp_help-de.pdf  
English: callershelp_help-en.pdf  

The demo is set to the german language by default.
Click the tab "Extra" and "Sprache", select "English"
and press ok. Then restart callershelp.exe.

It is possible that the following or a similar warning message appears after unpacking the ZIP file:

The computer is protected by Windows.

Microsoft Defender SmartScreen prevented the start of an unknown app.
Running this app may pose a risk to the Computer.

Behind the link: "Additional informationen" callershelp.exe can be executed.

To the best of our knowledge and belief, all files are free of viruses.

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- Public Domain (No distribution for money!)
- Autopitch added
- VU-Meter added
- Search function expanded
- Options menu expanded
- Various errors fixed

- Playlist added
- Exportable complete playlist added
- Use of Remote-Button extended
- This callershelp.ini MUST be used!

- Error corrections and introduction of the use of the Remote-Button on Hilton-Mikrophone cabels
- This callershelp.ini MUST be used!

- Error corrections and improvements for speed-control

- Control of Player via Mouse or Keyboard
- Error corrections
- Use of modules and gimmicks-editors improved

- Complete re-design
- No installation necessary
- portable application
- Even running from a memory-stick
- Modules and Gimmicks inserted
- Callerlab-Lists incorporated
- Extensive text-manipulations for lyrics/modules and gimmicks possible
- Helpsystem completly re-designed
- Automatic adjustment to display sizes

1st Edition